I did some research before buying this product as some said it worked wonders and some said it didn’t work at all. There are published scientific studies on blue light for acne, and, like the reviews here, there are mixed results. For me, this has worked well. I have adult hormonal acne on face and neck and, while it didn’t disappear with daily use, it’s been markedly improved since beginning use about a month ago. My breakouts resolve faster and are fewer.  It looks ridiculous to wear, but I’ll stay with it as long as it’s helping. I’d buy it again.

Works well for my adult hormonal acne

Of course, I was skeptical of the effectiveness of photon therapy… but it exceeded my expectations! I have only been using the system for almost two weeks but I have noticed an immediate result. Two of my close friends each tried a single 15-minute treatment. Their skin has less redness and was tighter. The blue light seemed to calm down the skin as well as preventing additional redness from the other lights. The microcurrent also helps me much on the skin toning and my appearance. continues to improve the skin. Without a doubt, this was a great purchase.

I am so glad I decided to get this